The CLEANair Furnace Rebate Program is no longer accepting all rebate applications for the Full Electric Heat Pump System with Ducted Air Handler. At this time, only heat pump rebates for zip codes identified as disadvantaged and low-income in accordance to SB 535 and AB 1550 will be accepted. Consumers in the South Coast AQMD district can still take advantage of the Ultra-Low NOx Weatherized Furnaces and Ultra Low NOx High Altitude Furnaces rebate opportunities until September 30th, 2021, when that rebate program ends. Available rebates are subject to funding availability on a first come, first served basis. For additional information, please see South Coast AQMD CLEANair Furnace Rebate Advisory dated 06/24/2021 below.


Program Overview

The CLEANair Furnace Rebate Program is accepting applications for consumer rebates on Ultra-Low NOx High Altitude Furnaces, Ultra-Low NOx Weatherized Furnaces, and replacement of a gas-fired furnace with a traditional all-electric heat pump system.

Approximately 150,000 natural-gas-fired furnaces are installed each year throughout the South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) region. These furnaces emit nitrogen oxides (NOx), an air pollutant that contributes to the formation of smog and particulate matter. Rule 1111 sets emission limits for these furnaces in an effort to reduce the NOx emissions from these devices.

South Coast AQMD continuously strives to improve the quality of the air you breathe and is sponsoring a program that provides a rebate to residents who purchase and install a furnace or full electric heat pump that meets the eligibility requirements. When you replace your furnace with an South Coast AQMD Qualified, Ultra-Low NOx furnace that meets the eligibility requirements or full electric heat pump, you will be an essential part of reducing emissions and meet the goal of improved air quality within the South Coast AQMD jurisdiction.Twenty-five percent of the funds will be reserved for installations in disadvantaged and low-income areas until those funds are exhausted.

  Rebate Types*   Amount     Total Rebates Available**  
Ultra Low NOx High Altitude Furnaces
(installations occurring above 4200 ft.)
  $500     200  
  Ultra Low NOx Weatherized Furnaces     $500     600  
  Full Electric Heat Pump System with Ducted Air Handler
(up to 5.5 tons)***  
  $1500     2000  

*One type of rebate per address allowed
**Total rebates available or until funding is exhausted
***Excludes a dual fuel system which is an electric heat pump system with a gas furnace with a ducted air handler

Take advantage of this opportunity to offset your cost on a new Ultra-Low NOx furnace or all electric ducted heat pump and air handler split system and clean the air we breathe.


The process is simple.

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Have a qualified, Ultra-Low NOx furnace or replace your existing furnace with an AHRI Certified all electric heat pump system installed. See the Qualified Furnace List or the AHRI Heat Pump Directory.

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Complete the online rebate application and upload supporting information.

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Once the rebate is approved, you will receive an email confirmation.

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Upon receipt of the approval confirmation, allow 4-6 weeks for rebate check to be received.